Friday, February 15, 2013

HB50 Update

HB 50 is the Dating Violence Protection Act, which would extend the ability to obtain restraining orders against an unmarried partner.  The bill passed the house 61 to 11, with 3 absent or abstaining.  Here's the information on the vote breakdown.  If your rep voted against, you might consider contacting to ask them for their reasoning.  This bill is important for protecting victims of dating violence, which is just as serious as domestic violence and deserves the same protections.   Contact your Senator to urge them to vote for this bill.

HB 50
Dating Violence Protection Act
/ Bramble
3rd Reading
Final Passage
Yeas 61 Nays 11 N/V 3 Closed

Yeas - 61
Anderegg, J.Anderson, JerryAnderson, JohnnyArent, P.Barlow, S.
Bird, J.Briscoe, J.Brown, D.Brown, M.Chavez-Houck, R.
Christofferson, K.Cosgrove, T.Cox, S.Cunningham, R.Dee, B.
Draxler, J.Duckworth, S.Edwards, R.Eliason, S.Fisher, Janice
Froerer, G.Gibson, F.Hall, C.Handy, S.Hemingway, L.
Hutchings, E.Ipson, D.King, B.Knotwell, J.Last, B.
Layton, D.Lifferth, D.Lockhart, R.Mathis, J.McCay, D.
McIff, K.McKell, M.Menlove, R.Moss, C.Nielson, J.
Noel, M.Perry, L.Peterson, J.Peterson, V.Pitcher, D.
Poulson, M.Powell, K.Ray, P.Redd, E.Romero, A.
Sanpei, D.Seelig, J.Snow, V. L.Stanard, J.Stratton, K.
Webb, R. C.Westwood, J.Wheatley, M.Wilcox, R.Wiley, L.
Wilson, B.

Nays - 11
Barrus, R.Christensen, L.Greene, B.Greenwood, R.Ivory, K.
Kennedy, M.Nelson, M.Oda, C.Roberts, M.Sagers, D.
Tanner, E.

Absent or not voting - 3
Dunnigan, J.Grover, K.Hughes, G.

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