Wednesday, February 6, 2013

HB 289 Fireworks Ammendment

HB 289 prohibits cities from banning state legal fireworks.  Cities would still be able to restrict fireworks in certain areas where the fire danger is higher, but they wouldn't be able to ban fireworks *cough* hello fireworks lobbyists *cough*.

I find this amusing in a not-amusing sort of way considering how much our state government seems to resent any intrusion by the federal government.  Apparently local government control is only a good thing down to the state level.  After that, oversight and restrictions are more necessary.

HB 289
Fireworks Amendments
HBUS Amended 15-0-1
3rd Reading
Final Passage
Yeas 73 Nays 1 N/V 1 Closed

Yeas - 73
Anderegg, J.Anderson, JerryAnderson, JohnnyArent, P.Barlow, S.
Barrus, R.Bird, J.Briscoe, J.Brown, D.Chavez-Houck, R.
Christensen, L.Christofferson, K.Cosgrove, T.Cox, S.Cunningham, R.
Dee, B.Draxler, J.Duckworth, S.Dunnigan, J.Edwards, R.
Eliason, S.Fisher, JaniceFroerer, G.Gibson, F.Greene, B.
Greenwood, R.Grover, K.Hall, C.Handy, S.Hemingway, L.
Hughes, G.Hutchings, E.Ipson, D.Ivory, K.Kennedy, M.
King, B.Knotwell, J.Last, B.Layton, D.Lifferth, D.
Lockhart, R.Mathis, J.McCay, D.McIff, K.McKell, M.
Menlove, R.Moss, C.Nelson, M.Nielson, J.Noel, M.
Oda, C.Perry, L.Peterson, J.Peterson, V.Pitcher, D.
Poulson, M.Ray, P.Redd, E.Roberts, M.Romero, A.
Sagers, D.Sanpei, D.Seelig, J.Snow, V. L.Stanard, J.
Stratton, K.Tanner, E.Webb, R. C.Westwood, J.Wheatley, M.
Wilcox, R.Wiley, L.Wilson, B.

Nays - 1
Powell, K.

Absent or not voting - 1
Brown, M.

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  1. I'm with you on the shock that only one Representative voted against this. Props to him for sure.