Monday, March 12, 2012

HB187 Agricultural Interference

From Blue in Red Zion:

  • HB187 - Agricultural Interference Bill by Rep John Mathis (R-Vernal) - This is the bill that caused, once again, national head scratching over the bizarre antics of the Republicans in the Utah State Legislature.  This bill makes it a crime to, if you suspect violations on a farm, take pictures or video of that suspected abuse and send it to the authorities.  Let's be clear - many of the past meat recalls were prompted by whistle blowers who videotaped improper procedures in slaughterhouses.  50 million Americans Americans get sick from tainted food each year, and of those, 3,000 die. And Rep Mathis wants to make it harder to report violations? I was confused, until I realized that the AGPAC, the political action committee, was a major donor to his campaigns.  He, of course, just called them his "good Ag friends."

House Yeas:

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