Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Governor Herbert and Sex Ed HB 363

According to 35,000 signatures on a petition, who knows how many phone calls and emails into the Governor's office, and now a BYU poll.  The majority of Utahns want Governor Herbert to Veto HB 363.

From the SL Tribune:

"The poll shows that 58 percent of 472 voters surveyed agree or strongly agree with the statement, "Public schools in Utah should teach about the use of contraceptives."...I think it means the governor has a tough decision to make, and he has to decide whether he’s going to side with the strongest Republicans who seem to have the most opposition to this — and that’s an important group for any Republican governor in the state of Utah — or is he going to side with the larger majority that seems to support this," Karpowitz said of teaching contraception in schools."

So that is the big question.  Will Governor Herbert go with what's likely to keep him safe politically, or will he do what the majority of his constituents want him to do.  If he chooses NOT to veto this bill, it's safe to say that he is more interested in KEEPING his job, then he is in DOING his job.  If the latter is the case, I hope the people of Utah will remember in November.  Governor Herbert has said he won't be swayed by social media, but hopefully he will be swayed by a majority of his constituents, the UEA and the PTA.

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