Thursday, March 21, 2013

HB 76 Concealed Weapons Carry Amendments

HB 76 allows residents to legally carry concealed weapons without a permit.  This means that people who would have otherwise failed to pass a background check would now be able to carry concealed weapons.  There is no reason for this bill.  We require drivers to pass a test to show the understand how to operate a vehicle safely before allowing them to drive.  It is reasonable to expect gun owners to show similar competency and prove they are not convicted criminals before allowing them to carry concealed weapons in public.

HB 76 passed both the house and the senate, and has now moved on to be signed by Governor Herbert.  Please contact his office and ask him to veto this bill.  The number is 801-538-1000.  When the receptionist answers all you need to say is that you are calling to ask Governor Herbert to veto HB76.  That's it, it's really easy.  Please make your voice heard.  According to Alliance for a Better Utah

There was never a clearer example of our state legislature being out of step with the majority of Utahns. In fact, according to a recent study conducted by BYU, fully 8 in 10 Utahns support the kind of reasonable oversight, such as background checks, that are currently in place for carrying a concealed weapon. To spell that out: over 80 percent of Utahns support background checks while 70 percent of our legislators are against background checks. What is wrong with this picture?
“Thankfully, Governor Herbert has hinted numerous times at his intent to veto this bill. We fully expect Herbert to do what is right by exercising his leadership role and following through.
Here's the breakdown for voting in the House:

Yeas - 51
Anderegg, J.Anderson, JerryBarlow, S.Barrus, R.Christensen, L.
Christofferson, K.Cox, S.Cunningham, R.Dee, B.Draxler, J.
Duckworth, S.Edwards, R.Froerer, G.Gibson, F.Greene, B.
Greenwood, R.Grover, K.Handy, S.Hughes, G.Hutchings, E.
Ipson, D.Ivory, K.Kennedy, M.Knotwell, J.Layton, D.
Lifferth, D.Lockhart, R.Mathis, J.McCay, D.McKell, M.
Menlove, R.Nelson, M.Nielson, J.Noel, M.Oda, C.
Perry, L.Peterson, V.Pitcher, D.Powell, K.Ray, P.
Redd, E.Roberts, M.Sagers, D.Sanpei, D.Snow, V. L.
Stanard, J.Stratton, K.Tanner, E.Webb, R. C.Westwood, J.
Wilcox, R.

Nays - 18
Anderson, JohnnyArent, P.Bird, J.Briscoe, J.Brown, D.
Chavez-Houck, R.Cosgrove, T.Eliason, S.Fisher, JaniceHall, C.
King, B.Moss, C.Peterson, J.Poulson, M.Romero, A.
Seelig, J.Wheatley, M.Wiley, L.

Absent or not voting - 6
Brown, M.Dunnigan, J.Hemingway, L.Last, B.McIff, K.
Wilson, B.

And the Senate:

Clearly we have a large disconnect between what the people feel is reasonable legislation and what our representatives feel is reasonable.  Please keep this in mind during the next election cycle.

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